Industrial Optics


Industrial Optics

The Industrial Optics business within Appletec’s Optics division provides the full range of parts and complete systems for industries that use cameras, lasers, LEDs, and related products. Appletec can source a single lens at a great price, supply optical coatings per specifications, or design complex special-purpose cameras with complicated objectives and special coatings.

Our industrial optics components  include:

  • Lenses
  • Objectives
  • Camera modules
  • Specialty fiber and FBGs
  • Solid state lasers
  • Custom detectors
  • High-power LEDs
  • Micro lens arrays
  • Solid State Gain Module
  • Ultrafast Un cooled sensors 1-5um

Appletec’s industrial optics parts and systems are used to build products such as:

  • Application-specific industrial cameras
  • Customized objectives
  • Custom prism for micro optics
  • Lenses with special coatings
  • Specialized mirrors
  • Specialized aspheric lenses
  • Specialty lasers
  • Lasers for specific wavelengths
  • High-power LED/laser arrays