Electronic Components: The Pragmatic Guide

How to build an electronic circuit that is both technically robust and commercially optimized.


Whether you need help to design a new product, to find second-source alternatives that maintain the integrity of your design, or simply to locate a specific component for the best possible price, please contact us. We are committed to going ‘beyond the catalog’ to meet our customers’ needs. We call our approach ‘integrated solutions’ because we start with defining a specific customer need, then integrating whatever products, services, or other means are necessary to find the best solution to that need. Tell us what you want to achieve, and Appletec will help you get there.

The Appletec Advantage

Appletec is a leading Israeli distributor of electronics, optical components, and value-added services to the communications, industrial/medical, and defense markets. Appletec delivers:

The right solution
By the right people

Selected from the right suppliers

At the right price to meet your need