Appletec: Electronics Distribution
'Beyond the Catalog'

Largest targeted inventory of off-the-shelf and custom parts.

Appletec: Electronics Distribution
'Beyond the Catalog'

Access to leading electronics & optical suppliers worldwide

Appletec: Electronics Distribution
'Beyond the Catalog'

Best value for the money

Appletec: Electronics Distribution
'Beyond the Catalog'

Value-added services to solve your product design needs.


Telecom Optics

Fiber optic assemblies, lasers, MUX/DMUX…>>

Industrial Optics

Cameras, objectives, lenses, mirrors per spec, LEDs…>>

IC Components

Home automation & security, telecom solutions…>>

Passive Components

Telecom/datacom magnetics solutions…>>

Mechanical Solutions

Molded metal & plastic, precision-machined…>>

Power Supplies

Medical imaging, nuclear medicine, defense…>>
We are committed to going ‘beyond the catalog’ to meet our customers’ needs. We call our approach ‘integrated solutions’ because we start with defining a specific customer need, then integrating whatever products, services, or other means are necessary to find the best solution to that need. Read More >>


Appletec is a leading Israeli distributor of electronics, optical components, and value-added services to the communications, industrial/medical, and defense markets. Appletec delivers:
  • The right solution
  • By the right people
  • Selected from the right suppliers
  • At the right price to meet your need


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All the power supplies in one place!

Medical Power Supplies
Military Power Supplies
Lab Power Supplies
DC/DC converter
Led Driver