Appletec’s value-added approach is designed to meet specific customer requirements within each of our markets, which broadly encompass communications, home security, industrial/medical, and defense applications.

We recognize that some of our customers look to Appletec simply to deliver a great price on an important component. Others want consistent, competitively priced second-source options, while still others want us to apply our technical expertise and design creativity in optics to find solutions to difficult design challenges.
At whatever level customers engage with us, our goal is to reduce time to market, reduce costs, and make the execution of measurable tasks easier for everyone.
For example, we work with:

  • Development engineers to solve fundamental design and cost challenges for new products. Appletec:
    • Maintains in-house optical design expertise, as well as up-to-date modeling, mechanical engineering, optical development tools such as Zemax, and other design tools.
    • Instructs suppliers on how to alter their components so they will meet specific customer specifications.
    • Modifies existing parts or creates new solutions to various customer challenges (e.g., special coatings for optical lenses, customized moldings for mechanical products, developing entire sub-assembly optical solutions).
  • Component engineers to locate second-source alternatives. Appletec:
    • Finds exact equivalent drop-in sources that are less costly – and often made by the same manufacturer as the current name-brand component.
    • Provides functionally equivalent second-source alternatives in the case where an exact equivalent does not exist.
    • Ensures that second-sourced parts have the correct packaging per spec.
  • Purchasing agents to find the lowest-cost part, either off-the-shelf or custom, to fulfill a specific requirement. Appletec:
    • Supports customer-issued part numbers.
    • Can drop ship to any location of need, worldwide – such as for Israeli customers who manufacture products in India and needs parts sent to New York.
    • Carries buffer stock.
    • Provides SMI inventory programs; inventory can be left at a customer’s site, with the customer billed only when parts are actually used.
    • Offers flexible payment terms.
    • Provides quality assurance at the factory level, before parts have shipped, rather than finding a problem with a component after its arrival to Israel.

Appletec is a leading Israeli developer and distributor of optical components, electronic components and value-added services to the communications, industrial/medical, and defense markets. Appletec delivers:

  • The right solution
  • By the right people
  • Selected from the right suppliers
  • At the right price to meet your needs