Power Supplies

Appletec delivers power supplies ideally suited for medical, industrial, and consumer applications. Examples include open- or closed-frame AC/DC power supplies and both wall-mount and desktop adaptors for industrial and medical applications; redundant solutions per a customer’s power supply spec; supplies for medical imaging systems; electronic classroom training systems that use a single computer controlling all the computers in a classroom; and specially designed and implemented complete power solutions for sophisticated Telecom and medical systems.

  • AC/DC power supplies (open frame and fan included)
  • High-voltage power supplies
  • Wallmount power supplies
  • Deskmount power supplies
  • Wide range of Medical supplies and adaptors
  • DC/DC and AC/DC brick solutions (with no external components needed)
  • Very dense Mil spec power solutions, with no end user/use requirements
  • Laser driver products.
  • Telecom products with high memory load
  • Hospital MRI systems
  • Medical cancer treatment products
  • Industrial MSG nuclear medicine systems
  • Telecom System products
  • Electronic timekeeping systems
  • Home security systems