Passive Components

Appletec’s wide range of passive components is useful for industrial applications from power storage, primary power sources, to high-voltage miniature transformers, Sensitive magnetic and temperature sensors, as well as data communications and telecommunications protection applications. In addition to the best prices on off-the-shelf passive components, Appletec can offer customized solutions such as data transmission coils, component lightning protection and EMI shielding devices per specifications.

  • High temperature miniature monolithic Transformers
  • Temperature sensors
  • Primary power sources
  • Custom coils
  • SMD Circuit protection
  • Miniature gas discharge tubes
  • Ultra Capacitors
  • Customized transmission coils
  • Custom magnetic components
  • High energy power banks for UPS datacenter backup and Electric locomotion
  • Lightning protection devices
  • Water and electrical meters
  • IOT products for the field