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Website: https://www.nisshinbo-microdevices.co.jp/en/
CMOS Op-Amp NJU77806 The NJU77806 is a single low noise rail-to-rail output CMOS operational amplifier with a unique combination of the lowest input voltage noise density of 5.5nV/√Hz at 1kHz and the lowest supply current of only 500uA, These characteristics make the NJU77806 ideal for low noise and low power applications, preamps in microphones, audio amplifiers, active filters sensor amplifiers and battery powered applications. The NJU77806 operates on supplies as low as 1.8V. Available in space saving 5-pin SC-88A.
Website: https://www.novosns.com/en
NOVOSENSE Microelectronics is a highly professional analog and mixed signal IC design company. Established in 2013 the company has been focusing on signal sensing, system interconnection and power drive, providing semiconductor products such as sensors, signal chain, isolators, interface, power devices, drivers and power management, the company is committed to providing chip-level solutions to link the digital and the real world.
Novosense Product Selection Guide_Jul 2022
Cross Reference List V1 (Excel)

MDI Publishes cross reference DC/DC 1-120W IR/Infineon, VPT, Crane/Interpoint. MDI has published a cross reference guide for their 3700 converters to IR/Infineon, VPT, Crane/Interpoint. MDI is a USA based high reliability Hybrid DC to DC Converter manufacture for the Space aerospace and military markets since 1984. MDI manufacture a wide range of standard and custom conversion products as well as custom products incorporating analogue actuator and linear functions per customer specification.
Glary Releases E32 “Uber” military type E32 Hex brick DC/DC series Glary power has released a new series of 120W DC/DC that is unparalleled in temperature rating (-60 +130c) pressure rating 1mBar-100Bar, Power density 230W/in³ and has the ability to directly parallel up to ten modules without any additional components. The only thing that is not extraordinary about the series is the price ….in the order of $1W in 1Kpc quantities. Available in 24 or 48VDC input ; 5 and 12Vdc outputs.



Nisshinbo: CMOS Op-Amp NJU77806

Novosense: Cross reference list: TI, Analog, ON Silabs – Cross Reference List V1 (Excel)


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