IC Components

Appletec’s IC components are heavily focused on the interface between the analog and digital world. We provide a wide variety of sensor products, Temperature , Pressure, Magnetic, Voltage and Current, System interconnection products such as I²C Interface, Can transceivers, RS-485 transceivers, Digital isolators, Power & Drivers, for Brushed DC motors , and Half Bridge Drivers, a huge selection of operational amplifiers / comparators for every possible application , Led drivers DC/DC regulators Power management IC’s, Li-ion Battery Protection ICs, Over-voltage and Surge Protection IC’s, Codec and Audio solutions. In addition, Appletec provides a wide range of Microwave components RF Switches, LNA, Front end Modules, Power Amplifiers and others.

  • Highly sensitive magnetic sensors
  • CMOS low light Sensors
  • Industrial DRAM
  • Serial Flash
  • Speech ICs
  • Codec
  • Power management and EMI/ESD Suppression
  • Water and electric meters.
  • Robotics systems
  • Home perimeter security products
  • Night vision systems
  • Ultra Wideband Communication and tracking systems for medical and defense
  • Speech-related and voice recognition products found in elevators, toys, and industrial products
  • Telecommunications systems incorporating Dram and serial Flash
  • DC/DC converters LED drivers
  • Set-top boxes
  • Secure computing systems