Appletec’s integrated solutions approach goes beyond simple distribution of optical and electronics components to Israeli manufacturers in communications, industrial, health, and defense markets. Of course, if all a customer needs is a specific part or a simple second-source option, we pride ourselves in making sure we deliver optimal quality and performance for the lowest possible price.


Often, however, our customers need more than a component; they need a solution to a specific problem. For these customers, Appletec does whatever it takes to find, assemble, or create the best solution for the best price. With this integrated solutions approach, Appletec can overcome persistent barriers in the manufacturing process, cut risk, reduce the number of components in the BOM (bill of materials), and help speed time to market for end products.


We offer components, sub-systems, and value-added services in the categories of Telecom Optics, Industrial Optics, Lasers, Camera’s, Passive Components, Hi Rel, Power Supplies,Industrial Medical and Telecom Power supplies, IC components, and Mechanical Components.


Appletec offers integrated solutions for the following markets: