From The Author

Dear friends! I bring to your attention a new and significantly expanded edition of the “Guide to Electronic Components”, containing technical information on the various components and recommendations for their correct application.

Preparing this collection, I decided to share with you about 30 years of my experience in engineering work with a wide range of components used in various electronic devices and systems.

I hope that this book will be very useful for the developers of electronic products and persons involved in the purchasing of components at the enterprises and contract manufactures. The guidebook should also greatly assist distributors which include staff selling components and engineering workers, responsible for technical support, provided for the customers.

Unlike the previous collection, this expanded edition includes important technical information in new chapters: “Protection of electronic circuits.

Components. Terminology. Standards”, “Modern requirements for the development of electronic products”,”International standards for automotive electronics”, etc.

Particular attention is paid to the correct perception of the technical documentation of manufacturers, to a detailed knowledge of the international standards and technical terminology for various types of electronic components. The guide also contains a lot of reference data, which allows you to save time in your daily work.

Lev Shapiro General Manager
Component Master Ltd.

This is the ultimate handbook for the electronic engineer, technical project manager, and financial project manager, on how to build an electronic circuit that is both technically robust and commercially optimized. The book does not focus on electronics theory. The central point is on hands on realization of a circuit ….. after the computer simulation said that it should work.

By Lev Shapiro