IC Components

Appletec’s IC components can be as simple as an off-the-shelf industrial-grade DDR 2,3,4 memory chips and serial flash ICs for telecommunications systems, to sophisticated ultra wideband chips, for secure communication, or CM accuracy tracking. Cmos image sensors for extreme low light applications. Other examples of Appletec’s expertise in IC components include, Automotive Power management IC’s, Li-ion Battery Protection ICs, Overvoltage and Surge Protection IC’s, Codec and Audio solutions and a very wide range of magneto resistive sensors from Pico-Tesla ultra-low noise linear sensors to angle sensors and gear tooth sensors

Our IC components include:

  • Highly sensitive magnetic sensors
  • CMOS low light Sensors
  • Industrial DRAM
  • Serial Flash
  • Speech ICs
  • Codec
  • Power management and EMI/ESD Suppression

Appletec’s IC components are used to build end products such as:

  • Water and electric meters.
  • Robotics systems
  • Home perimeter security products
  • Night vision systems
  • Ultra Wideband Communication and tracking systems for medical and defense
  • Speech-related and voice recognition products found in elevators, toys, and industrial products
  • Telecommunications systems incorporating Dram and serial Flash
  • DC/DC converters LED drivers
  • Set-top boxes
  • Secure computing systems