IC Components


IC Components

Appletec’s IC components can be as simple as an off-the-shelf industrial-grade DRAM chip to as sophisticated as a neural IC chip that learns pattern recognition and classification in a hardware only based environment. Other examples of Appletec’s expertise in IC components include CMOS sensors for security applications, smart home solutions; serial flash ICs for telecommunications systems; core processors, which have wide-ranging uses; industrial DRAM; LD (low-dropout) regulators, and specialized mixed signal ASICs using single mask via routing for fast turn prototypes and low cost silicon. Used in medical diagnostics and industrial applications.

Our IC components include:

  • Fast turn Mixed signal ASIC
  • large scale programmable arrays
  • Highly sensitive magnetic sensors
  • CMOS Sensors
  • Industrial DRAM
  • Serial Flash
  • Speech ICs
  • 32-bit micro Cortex M0
  • Codec
  • Power management ICs
  • High speed Analog and Digital IC’s

Appletec’s IC components are used to build end products such as:

  • Product sorting, defect identification and video facial recognition products
  • Home perimeter security products
  • Home automation security and electronic control products
  • Speech-related products found in elevators, toys, and industrial products
  • Telecommunications systems incorporating serial Flash ICs
  • Medical systems
  • Satellite systems
  • Set-top boxes
  • Mass transit tickets , IDs, Debit and cash cards